Document Inspection Solutions

Our range of document and packaging inspection products provides a fully automated method of proofreading documents and packaging either as part of a goods in QA procedure or during the manufacturing process.  The solutions are in the main modular and provide 100% comparison of scanned documents against a master proof in order to highlight any variations in TEXT, IMAGE, BARCODE, BRAILLE and COLOUR fields.

Used extensively in a wide variety of manufacturing environments including PHARMACEUTICAL, MEDICAL DEVICE, AUTOMOTIVE, PRINTING and PERSONAL CARE, the suite of products greatly reduces the amount of time spent checking packaging and documents for print errors.

With the PHARMACEUTICAL and MEDICAL DEVICE sectors in mind, modules are available to provide BRAILLE measurement and validation along with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.  Multiple language support is available also through the use of Unicode standards allowing the verification of Patient Information Leaflets (PIL), SmPC, cartons and more complex packaging for medicinal products such as medical devices, kits, applicators and delivery devices.

FeaturesImage Compare

  • Text Comparison
  • Multi Language Support
  • Image Compare
  • ColorCheck
  • Barcode Validation
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Duplex Scanning Support
  • Multi Document Support
  • Braille Measurement and Reading


Document Inspection Solutions

AutoProof Pro

AutoProof Pro Imaging Suite is a modular based print verification system that can help your organisation achieve 100% accuracy on all printed materials. AutoProof Pro detects missing, moved or modified text and graphics while offering the ability to compare various font styles, languages and file formats.  Visually comparing items character by character is inefficient, time consuming and prone to errors. This automated inspection approach not only significantly decreases your inspection time, but also provide peace of mind when accuracy is at stake.