Industrial Printers

Sato’s range of industrial strength printers offers high quality printing even in the most demanding of environments.  Designed for manufacturing, transportation and logistics industries where quick print speed, data accuracy and traceability of items, parts and materials are of utmost importance, this range of printers is able to provide a reliable efficient solution for any application.


Industrial Label Printers

Sato CL4NX
Sato CL4NX Series
The CL4NX is SATO’s first truly universal printer engineered for the ultimate operator experience. The printer incorporates a 3.5 inch full colour display with built in video tutorials and 30 user selectable languages. The CL4NX features best in class processing, throughput speed and memory capacity and its wide range of communication interfaces include USB, Ethernet, Serial, Parallel and Bluetooth as standard, with WLAN being an option. For added flexibility other printer languages are emulated allowing the unit to directly replace other printer makes and models in a simple plug-and-play installation.
Sato CL6NX
Sato CL6NX Series
The CL6NX printer completes the range of industrial printers from Sato and offers exceptional print capabilities in an extremely robust design.  Boasting a 6.5″ print width, dual CPUs, 2GB of memory and multiple built in interfaces, the CL6NX provides outstanding performance and reliability.  The operator interface includes a full colour display with tutorial videos and easy to follow diagnostics and maintenance is aided by the inclusion of many ‘tool free’ replacement parts.
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Sato M84Pro
Sato M84Pro Series
he M84Pro series offers a range of extremely rugged and high performance printers with high resolution capabilities that are ideal for high throughput industrial applications.  The M84Pro offers user configurable print resolutions of 203dpi, 305dpi, and 609dpi, powerful electronics and print speeds of 254mm, 203mm and 152mm per second at 203dpi, 305dpi and 609dpi respectively.  The M84Pro has a maximum print width of 104mm.
Sato LM4e
Sato LM4e Series
The extremely competitive price of the LM4e series printers make them ideal for small to medium volume label print operations.  Affordably priced yet offering superior performance usually reserved for print solutions costing much more, the LM4e printers offer true value for your cost sensitive applications.  The LM4e printers have a print width of 104mm, a maximum print speed of 254mm/sec and print resolutions of 203dpi or 305dpi.
Sato GZ4e
Sato M10e Series
Sato’s M10e printer was designed with manufacturing applications in mind.  This barcode printer creates labels up to a full 297mm wide at a speed of up to 125mm per second.  The 267mm printhead makes it possible to print large format compliance labels at top speed without rotating the image.  For maximum throughput, a 32-bit high speed RISC processor is in the heart of every M10e.