Semi Automatic Print & Apply Labelling

The A1000 label applicator from cab provides an extremely cost effective solution to virtually any semi-automatic print & apply requirement. When coupled with one of the range of A+ thermal printers from cab, the unit offers supreme ease of use, high precision print & apply accuracy and robust build quality.

As with its big brother the Hermes+, a wide array of application options are available and the ability to print labels from 25mm to 176mm wide and from 25mm to 200mm long, makes the A1000 extremely versatile and suitable fro a variety of print & apply applications.

Key Features

  • Label sizes from 25mm x 176mm to 25mm x 200mm.
  • Automatic detection of the product surface allows various height products to be labelled without adjustment.
  • A wide array of application head options including tamp apply, air apply and roll-on application.
  • Using the tamp apply and air apply options, a very high degree of label accuracy can be achieved.
  • Unique standalone feature built in as standard means all label formats can be stored and recalled from the applicators memory.
  • All common interface types built in as standard with Wireless LAN plug-in as an option.
  • SAP integration allows the system to communicate effortlessly with SAP R/3.
  • 95% of components manufactured in house by cab making the systems extremely cost effective.
Tamp Pad Application
The standard tamp pad is modified to suit the exact dimensions of the label, allowing it to hold the label in place securely by means of a vacuum generator. Once the applicator receives the signal to apply the label either from a sensor or from an operator foot or hand switch, the tamp pad travels towards the product and pushes the label onto its surface.

For variable height products, a product detection sensor within the sprung loaded tamp apply head initiates the retraction of the cylinder ensuring a consistent amount of pressure is applied regardless of the product height.

Blow Pad Application
Operating in a similar way to the Tamp Pad application, the label is held securely on the blow pad by means of a vacuum generation unit. When the application receives a signal to apply the label from either a sensor or an operator foot or hand switch, the blow head travels towards the product and blows it onto its surface from a few millimetres away meaning no contact is made with the product itself.

This method of application is ideal for applying small labels to delicate products or packaging that has a non uniform shape. As with the tamp pad application, a very high degree of accuracy can be achieved using this form of application.

Roll On Application for Cylindrical Products
For the application of labels onto cylindrical products up 40mm in diameter, this system provides an ideal cost effective solution for the labelling of small bottles and vials.

Utilising a vacuum apply head and a driven roller mechanism, the labels are pushed onto the surface of the product as it rotates ensuring a secure and accurate application of the label

Unique Standalone Capabilities
The A+ range of printers comes as standard with the unique ability to operate as a completely standalone system without the need for any external data input source. Label formats are designed and downloaded to the printer using the supplied software package and stored on a non-volatile Compact Flash card. These formats can then be selected by the operator via the navigation pad with any variables required being entered via the keypad or via an external USB keyboard and/or barcode scanner if required.

No communication with a PC or network device is required and new or modified formats can be downloaded remotely to the CF card as and when required. The number of formats stored is unlimited so functionality is not reduced at all in standalone mode.

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