Fully Automatic Print & Apply Labelling

The Hermes+ range from cab is the result of more than 30 years of product development and technical know how. The system is designed for fully automated print and apply labelling on production lines and combines precise label positioning with robust design, making the Hermes+ the choice for 24/7 industrial labelling applications.

With a wide array of application options and the ability to apply labels from 4mm to 174mm wide and from 4mm to 250mm long, the Hermes+ is able to print and apply labels to the top, side and bottom of your product as it travels down the packaging line making it supremely versatile and suitable for all applications.


Key Features

  • Label sizes from 4mm x 4mm to 174mm x 250mm.
  • Onboard multi language graphical display for intuitive operation.
  • Solid die cast aluminium construction makes the unit extremely robust.
  • A wide array of application head options including tamp apply, air apply and synchronous apply.
  • All common interface types built in as standard with Wireless LAN plug-in as an option.
  • Unique standalone feature built in as standard means all label formats can be stored and recalled from the applicators memory.
  • Ribbon save option available to reduce the amount of ribbon used on large labels.
  • Flexible and modular mountings make installation and adjustment very simple.
  • 95% of components manufactured in house by cab making the systems extremely cost effective.
Large Graphic Display Panel
The large graphic display with backlight allows the operator to control all aspects of the applicators performance from this single panel. From fine adjustment of the label position to the selection of label the format in standalone mode, this easy to use and intuitive operator interface provides all the functions required at the touch of a button.Several language options are available as standard and the ability to rotate the display in 90° increments makes the Hermes+ extremely operator friendly.
Multiple Interface Options
Standard interface connectivity includes USB 2.0, RS232C, Ethernet 10/100 Base T with TCP/IP and two additional USB ports for the connection of external input devices such as keyboards and barcode scanners. Wireless LAN is available through the option of a slot in card.Additional hardware interface ports are provided as standard also to allow the connection of an external warning device such as a beacon or sounder and interface with other pieces of packaging equipment is handled via a 25pin D-Sub I/O connector.

Unique Standalone Capabilities
The Hermes+ range comes as standard with the unique ability to operate as a completely standalone system without the need for any external data input source. Label formats are designed and downloaded to the applicator using the supplied software package and stored on a non-volatile Compact Flash card. These formats can then be selected by the operator via the navigation pad with any variables required being entered via the keypad or via an external USB keyboard and/or barcode scanner if required.No communication with a PC or network device is required and new or modified formats can be downloaded remotely to the CF card as and when required. The number of formats stored is unlimited so functionality is not reduced at all in standalone mode.
Modular Construction and Multiple Application Options
The modular construction and multiple applicator options makes the Hermes+ capable of a wide variety applications with a simple change of the application head itself. The applicator module is mounted to a secure hinged mounting making it extremely easy to access and move away from the print head for cleaning purposes.

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