Barcode Validation

The AIS VB-5 is a low cost, industrial quality, off-the-shelf solution to on-line bar code validation and verification*. The VB-5 is a dedicated device, designed to ‘plug and play’ on your production line or printing system, removing the need for high cost custom PC or PLC solutions that perform the same task.

Once in place the VB-5 can be simply taught the “match” code using the first code read, a hand held barcode scanner or it can be called up from the VB-5’s user programmable memory by simply scrolling through the memory locations using the keypad. Once running the VB-5 checks every bar code on every product, and if a No Read, Wrong Code or Poor Quality Code is detected the VB-5 triggers the alarm! The VB-5 also displays production statistics, number of reads, number of good reads/wrong codes all available at the touch of a button.

The VB-5 will work with any fixed mount barcode scanner or verifier with an RS232 output. It is incredibly easy to set-up and its IP66 rating means it will keep working in the harshest environments.

Using the keypad interface the VB-5 can be easily configured to operate in one of 6 modes of operation ‘Teach from Hand held’ – ‘First Code read’ – ‘Read only’ – ‘From Memory’ – ‘Batch Count’ – ‘Quality Check’. The VB-5’s 3 PCB relays can be connected to an array of different devices in the outside world, such as PLC’s, Beacon Stacks, Conveyer Stop’s or Reject Cylinders to name but a few.

The VB-5 is available for purchase on its own or as part of a complete Bar Code Validation Bundle, which includes the fixed barcode scanner, hand held scanner (if required), beacon stack, product sensor and mounting brackets.

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* Barcode quality verification is performed by the fixed mount scanner.


VB-5 Barcode In-Line Validation System


VB-5 Barcode Validation System
The VB-5 is designed to connect to any fixed mount 1D or 2D barcode scanner with an RS-232 interface. The unit is mounted to your production line and monitors every barcode to confirm that the data is present, correct and of acceptable quality. If a product passes without the correct barcode the VB-5 has a bank of relays to interface with external pieces of equipment and the built in LCD displays a range of production statistics.


AIS CodeCheck 100/102 Barcode Validation Unit


AIS CodeCheck 100/102 Barcode Validation Unit
The AIS CodeCheck 100/102 is a printer mounted, unattended barcode validation system that sits on any label printer and independently inspects every barcode on every label. The CodeCheck 100 will confirm the presence and data content of any 1D or 2D bar code on your labels as they print.If a 1D or 2D barcode is missing or incorrect, the CodeCheck stops the printer and sounds and alarm to make the operator aware of the error. This is the most cost effective and efficient on-printer barcode validation solution available.