The Matrix 210N™ Barcode Reader

Datalogic’s Matrix 210N™ barcode reader offers extreme reading performance and integrated Ethernet, Ethernet/IP and PROFINET in an ultra-compact housing.

With a WVGA image sensor able to capture up to 60 frames per second, and a flexible and powerful illuminator, the Matrix 210™ offers best-in-class direct part marked bar code reading capabilities. The unrivalled decoding libraries running on the high speed hardware platform deliver superior reading performance and impressive decoding rates, supporting high system throughput which delivers overall production efficiency.

Both read data and captured images are transferred using the on-board Ethernet ports. The captured images can be either saved internally or easily and quickly uploaded to external PCs for storage or offline analysis.

Compact dimensions with straight or right angle optical options and electronic variable focus option, provides superb contact reading capability and a simple mechanical integration into tight spaces.
Datalogic Quality Partner

Matrix 210 Barcode Reader


  • Integrated Ethernet
  • Ultra compact dimensions
  • Electronic focus control
  • On-board image saving
  • ID-NET™ embedded high speed connectivity
  • Industrial Protection: ESD-safe, YAG, IP65
  • High performance on dynamic reading applications
  • Straight and right angle models for smart mounting
  • Ultra-fast image acquisition for high speed production lines
  • Outstanding decoding capability on 1D, 2D, Stacked and Postal symbologies


  • Analysis of ‘Good’, ‘Wrong’ and ‘No Reads’
  • DPM reading and verification
  • Electronic PCB assembly process
  • Medical device traceability
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and packing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Print & Apply systems
  • Access control systems