The DS4800 Barcode Scanner

The DS4800 fixed position barcode scanner features a rugged construction and internal heating options making it ideal for temperature controlled environments. Through smart focus adjustment and DIGITECH™ technology the DS4800 provides excellent reading performance on low quality and low contrast barcodes as well as at high skew angles.

The DS4800 is equipped with the innovative X-PRESS™ Human Machine Interface that allows easy scanner installation and maintenance. This interface clearly presents status and diagnostic information by means of a five LED bar graph while the single multi-function key gives immediate access to relevant functions such as Test Mode, Auto Setup, Auto Learn and Focus Adjustment.

Including subzero models, the DS4800 can operate smoothly down to -35°C whilst its internal heater and de-frost window heater assures correct operation in temperatures ranging from -35°C to 50°C.
Datalogic Quality Partner


  • Variable focus system
  • 600-900 scan/sec
  • 2 input + 2 output
  • RS232 + RS485 serial port
  • Display and multi-language messages
  • ID-NET™
  • X-PRESS™
  • 0-30Vdc, IP65, 0-50°C (-35°C-50°C Subzero models)
  • ACR4 decoding algorithm
  • Typical reading range: 200 – 1000mm


  • Automated warehousing
  • Reading on pallets
  • Picking systems
  • Automated shop floor
  • Quality control and parts tracking
  • Reading on forklift trucks
  • Frozen industry, temperature controlled room applications and outdoor