DS1100 Barcode Scanner

The DS1100 is specifically designed to be easily integrated in OEM equipment. It’s very compact dimensions, light weight, direct and 90° reading window models allow flexible mounting and positioning in narrow spaces.

The DS1100 is ideal for use in chemical and biomedical analysis machines, pharmaceutical code analysers, automatic teller machines, printing systems, video rental and film processing machines. It can also be used on assembly lines as well as simple work in progress and quality control applications.

The freely available WinHost™ configuration software provides and extremely flexible setup tool with access to all inbuilt parameters.
Datalogic Quality Partner

DS1100 Barcode Scanner


  • Straight and 90° output window
  • 500scan/sec
  • 2 input + 2 output
  • RS232 + RS485 serial port
  • 5Vdc supply
  • Winhost programming tool
  • Typical reading range: 50 – 200mm


  • Biomedical analysis machines
  • Print & Apply systems
  • ATM (Automatic Teller Machines)